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Dreamy Buddhist Monastery

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I’ve always been so intrigued by Buddhism, a religion that originated in South Asia. So this monastery (Karma Triyana Dharmachakra) was a really exciting place to visit. You feel a tremendous sense of serenity as soon as you walk in. It is filled with meditating monks and students; a lifestyle with which most of us are unfamiliar. Monks live a life of celibacy, which means that they prefer abstaining from owning personal property or materials. They dedicate their life to prayer, meditation, teaching, and maintaining their traditions. So how do they make a living? The life in a monastery is supported through agriculture, donations, and teaching – A lifestyle dedicated entirely to Buddhism, where monks are responsible for preserving and disseminating Buddha’s teachings.

For my outfit I chose peach skinny jeans with a white blouse. I wanted to keep my outfit simple by emphasizing basic pieces. I added this pink flowery headband to give it a chic feel, which ended up matching well with the pretty exterior maintained by the monks. To finish the look I added grey-tone suede booties, keeping the shoes neutral – to make my peach accents really pop.

Get the Look:

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Photography byOh, Good Gracious

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